Bought Microphone + Pop Filter!

I finally did it! I finally bought a recording studio mic with a usb and a pop filter to go with it! It took a while, but I finally took the step forward. Hopefully, I’ll be successful with *gulp* technology hehe

Been spending so much lately eek, but hopefully it’s all worth it in the end 🙂

Experiences > Money

Money can always be made. It can be lost and found. Opportunities (for experiences) though can be lost and never found again. – Snohwhite


Recording Equipment…help?

Oh man, so I finally want to get to achieving my dream of having a music studio by starting with a home recording studio. But, I obviously don’t have all the money in the world and all of this would obviously be coming out of my pocket. If only I could figure out which mics, mixer, etc I should get. Which ones would be good starter ones, but are worth the money if not better than the price. Help?