Recipe: Healthy Flour-Free Lactation Cookies


Don’t be confused by the title/name of the cookie. It is still delicious and basically tastes like a chewy, chocolate chip, oatmeal cookie. It is so delicious! Click to try out this healthy flour-free lactation cookies recipe!

What Lactation means is that this cookie helps mothers produce milk when they are breastfeeding. Honestly, I’m not breast feeding, but I ate a few myself because they are so delicious and trust me, it’s not some cookie that is forbidden to males or something.

More information on the page!

My sister asked me to make her some and I decided that I would make a healthier version because just because it’s good for you, doesn’t mean that there aren’t recipes out there that utilize butter, sugar, flour, etc.

This recipe is free of: Flour, eggs, butter, and refined sugar. It is gluten free as well.

If you want to know more about each of them and their health benefits and such, feel free to leave a comment!

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Fudgy Flourless Vegan Microwave Brownie

photo (1)

I’ve tried various microwave muffin/bread/cookie/brownie recipes whenever I have a craving for something sweet that isn’t fruit. This is one of the few recipes that have actually satisfied me: Fudgy Flour-less Vegan Microwave Brownie Recipe

It’s chocolate-y, fudgy-y, molten, soft, and yet chewy~

photo 2 (8)



Spicy Braised Mackerel/Saury 꽁치조림

I have finally updated the Spicy Braised Mackerel/Saury 꽁치조림 recipe page with the ingredients and directions!

I made this while I had no meal plan in college during the summer. It was so easy and delicious to make since I used canned fish. It lasted me a few meals and wrapped with rice and lettuce was the best! Especially because I had been craving Korean food soooo badly.

mackerel pike side dish

Check it out! 🙂 Thanks for waiting!


Miracle Noodles

miracles noodles miracle noodles2

So, I have mentioned Shirataki Noodles before and how I eat with those. I also have eaten with Tofu Noodles which were super yummy and easy to use.

Recently, I bought Miracle Noodles and hope to try those out. I know already that I’ll be satisfied although I don’t know the versatility of these. For example, the tofu noodles, I could just drain, rinse, and microwave and enjoy after seasoning. With these, the instructions say to boil, so I’m not sure. Although, it’s better that it isn’t “instant” food for me since I tend to eat too fast and too much then.

For some reason the 2nd pic is upside down even though the original isn’t….Sorry about that.



Korean Recipe: DakGalbi (Marinated/BBQ Chicken) (닭갈비)


So over the summer, I stayed a bit at summer school to get ahead and my friends wanted me to make them Korean food since we all didn’t have a meal plan. I think this is one of the first legit korean main dishes that I have made all by myself.

Anyways, I asked my friends what they wanted and one of them said this dish. So, I bought all of the ingredients after a struggle of a trip to H-Mart and this was my first try. Got to hand it to myself, it was pretty darn impressive. One friend (He’s from Korea and 24 years old) said that it tastes better than what they serve at restaurants – no exaggeration. He ate 2-3 servings worth! Just bragging a bit :P But also, this means it’s possible for everybody to make such a delicious dish at home so easily~

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Snohwhite Shirataki Noodles (Low calorie, Low Carb, Clean)

Super easy, perfect for when you’re in the dorm, home, work, or on vacation. Perfect when you’re craving noodles, but don’t want all that processed, refined-ness or the carbs. Low calorie, low fat, low carb, satisfying~ I promise. Or maybe our taste buds are different – in that case, I can’t help you 🙂

I will put up a photo as soon as I make it again. I should have taken a picture then oopss

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RV Marinara Noodles

marinara spaghetti

Totally clean, oil-free. I see that so many marinara recipes (including vegan ones) have oils in them. I wanted to keep mine as simple and as easy as possible while still being super healthy and delicious.

You can also use this recipe (the marinara) on kelp noodles. I tried it the other day, and got to say I liked it better than zucchini noodles!

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