Celeb Sighting & Thoughts

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Just as the title suggests, I saw a celebrity about 3 weeks ago. Just forgot to post about it until now…

Basically, my mom and I were at LAX to pick up my dad when he arrived and as we were leaving the airport, we saw a mob of paparazzi and reporters come out and I got all excited and bounced forward while whipping my phone out to record the scene. To me, seeing all of these people wielding these giant camcorders and cameras was more exciting than whoever they were trying to get shots of and interview. I saw who this person grabbing all of the attention was, but honestly could not tell who that was -_-

She went into this big black van after posing a bit and the reporters desperately tried to talk to her still and my mom kept asking me “Who is it? Who is it?” while at the same time encouraging me to go and try to get a photo with her. I just responded “Meh, forget it. Let’s go to daddy. He’s our celebrity.” And so we bounced off to him.

I later asked my friend who it was (sent her a photo) and it turns out it was… Paris Hilton. How sad that I couldn’t tell who she was. That’s how not into the whole American celebrity gossip and such I am and yet at the same time it means I don’t read the news enough either. She sent me Paris’s instagram photo that she had posted and indeed it was her because it was the same outfit. It’s funnier because she was apparently on the same flight as my dad because she was just coming back from Korea.

My friend joked that I should have asked her for a hotel (because my dream is to own a hotel if not a chain of hotels etcetc).

This made me start thinking at how interesting the world definitely is. How we swarm around those who are supposedly famous and give our attention, time, and potentially even devotion to them. There are some who go so far as to feel that those celebs are their friends and that they send gifts, letters, etc. However, we should really be treating those who are actually close to us as the celebrities of our lives. By this, I mean our parents…our family in general…our friends….those we consider basically family even if not blood-related.

And so, here is a video also of one of the celebrities of my life’s entrance to America.

Also, this girl is a star too:

She says “Aunt Sarah” at the end and points to me 🙂 Everytime I come to see her she jumps up and down shouting “Aunt Sarah” while smiling and laughing and comes running to me giving me a hug and a kiss~ Whenever, I’m not there, apparently she wants to see me and always says “Aunt Sarah, Aunt Sarah” whenever she sees my photo etc. I feel like a celebrity to this angel. Isn’t that more important?


Exodus 20:3-4 – “You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below”

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Missed Memories & Regrets Redemption

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These both didn’t happen on the same day, but it’s nice to keep record of it…

photo 4 (5) photo 5 (4)

We have been spending time together lately mainly at home – usually doing our own things. However, we decided to go out to do some chores and Dad suggested we grab lunch together.

Usually whenever a blood, main family member suggests going out to eat or watch a movie, my main instinct/reaction/thought is that we shouldn’t because it’s a waste of money (when we can make healthier and potentially yummier things at home). However, I then realized, that that is how I have been thinking and living all this time and therefore missed out on chances of spending quality time with family and making memories…especially with dad who I see only a few times in the year.

I still wanted to just get something cheap and healthy-ish and was like “Let’s just get Subway.” But then, it seemed that dad wanted to treat me to something better and that he wanted us to go out to get something new…I felt sad suddenly. Some pain deep within stirred again.

I remember that over the past year, I suddenly began to get these almost resentful thoughts towards him because it felt that he hadn’t been there for most of my life…it really hit when I became 20 this past May…

It isn’t even like he’s been a bad father or anything either, but I just remember that as a kid I would see other children with their dads or that there would be Parents Day or Back-to-School Night, and my mom would come…alone….

I hated that. Hated having to see her alone and even now she’s basically like alone.

And then I remember all the good things that he has done and still does. He really is the best dad in the world with his flaws and all…same with mama Noh. But I digress…

So we decided to have Hawaiian BBQ to try something new and we both shared each other’s dishes and it was just chill and nice.

Even now, we eat together and laugh (definitely eat bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar) We exercise together, make food together, watch variety shows together…not everything is done together all of the time and we are both pretty quiet when together, but it’s still nice.

I was having trouble over the past month(s) here during the summer when I began to get depressed and alone and after he came back, I felt so much happier, lighter … I don’t know how to explain or describe it.

Lately, it seems like family is getting better as well as it seems that he his opening up more to both me and mom. I felt truly like a family once again after a long time recently.

It’s so hard to type down all that I am thinking and it wasn’t even my plan to start talking about this, but I guess it naturally happened…

On that note…going to eat bread with my dad now…




How to Get&Maintain Clear Skin

So my friends, family, peers, and even strangers always comment on how clear and clean my skin is. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging or anything, but even some physical therapists (face masseuses) would comment on how my skin is baby soft skin. It ends up being that a lot of people ask me how I do it. Honestly, it’s really just about eating clean most of the time (and I don’t mean staying on some crazy strict diet because trust me, I still eat plenty of sodium and sugar filled foods). But honestly, just cutting down on unnecessary sugars. I admit I still binge eat desserts, but I don’t drink soda and I eat clean moderately. I noticed that I would break out when I suddenly increased my processed sugar and salts intake. Also, cleaning your face is key as well, but honestly, I don’t believe in using face cleansers and things because my skin reacts to those usually. At home, I honestly just wash my face with water and that’s it. At school, I would use face cleansers, but honestly there’s little difference. Overall, it’s really about what you Eat because your body is a Reflection of your lifestyle and Literally, You are What you Eat. This is why I prefer eating raw, whole foods because they’re clean. I prefer to eat a lot of fresh veggies, fruits, and if I snack, I like to make clean desserts or snack on things or whatever else I have in the house

But, honestly, I eat a lot of Korean food which is filled with sodium and I eat tons of fruit when I’m back home…so I’m not really sure. I guess it is genetic? I eat bread, chocolate, and whatever else I want too….



Overview of my lifestyle which may help:

1. Eat a lot of fruit (veggies too if you want but I don’t really….)

2. Wash your face with water and avoid unnecessary chemical stuff

3. Don’t drink Soda

4. Eat whatever I want, mainly in moderation.

5. Drink a lot of water

6. Exercise

7. Korean food XD

But honestly, EVERYBODY is different! Each body will react differently to different foods. Experiment and see what’s right for you. I know that’s so cliche, but it’s true.



Purpose Driven Life

As Summer of 2014 arrived, I suddenly began to think even more than I already did and pretty soon, my mind was buzzing with thoughts ranging from my future to sudden dreams of what I want to do.

I suddenly had so many things that I wanted to achieve including learning how to play the guitar, learning Italian, getting better at baking and decorating, kickboxing, playing my electric violin, and on top of that trying to continue my power-lifting regimen.

I began to wonder what I want to do in life and as time progressed, I began to wear myself out and just become sick of it all including all of the worries of my mind…how dangerous one’s mind can be amazes me. It’s such a dark, scary, depressing place that constantly presses me down. I could feel myself drifting away from God…

Then, as I was reading to at least feel a bit productive (still was in my gloomy state), I came across my book The Purpose Driven Life that I had purchased in 2009. It says in the beginning that I came to read this for a reason. That is so true because I had come to a point where I really needed God once again.

Therefore, I decided to venture on this journey once again…I will read each chapter, upload a few minutes of my immediate reaction and reflection (no editing or anything), and then upload it onto here.