New Fitness Instagram Account! @snohfit

I made a new fitness instagram account to keep me on track and also to be surrounded by people who are just as passionate, if not more, about fitness as I am. Follow me if you would like to be updated with my fitness journey/progress – what I eat – some exercises – random gym humor memes -and more 🙂

It’s @snohfit


21 Day Challenge – Day 4

Seriously, what’s helping me stick with this is blogging about this. I can’t lie about doing it or cheat myself out of this when I’m doing this for myself.

I noticed that my legs got jigglier and bigger since I didn’t exercise all day today and so the muscle I guess is sort of becoming fat?

But anyways, I forced myself to work out anyways before sleeping. I finished a little before midnight so yesss still completed day 4 successfully! I feel great as usual. Going to go take a shower and while I wait for my hair to dry, check out her videos on juicing. I heard that juicing isn’t good for you actually, but I’m still curious I guess. I don’t think I’d be able to do it for that long.

I made a nice SWAG SAUCE (okay it’s really RAW VEGAN RANCH DRESSING ish) and it was awesomee so I’ll be posting that later.

Anyways, highly suggest people do this cause it’s moderately easy to stick with (so far at least).

And follow me on instagram @nohsarah

As I’m going to be updating with before and after pics and photos of food etc.




Finally made an instagram after resisting for so long. (didn’t want to get addicted) I can see why people have it though. It’s kind of like a diary of photos (if I continue to take pics of things I do rather than just food that I make.)

Follow me on Instagram! I’ll be faster in uploading photos of foods and other things such as progress on my 21 day challenge (and other challenges) through this. @nohsarah