Day 8 – Planned for God’s Purpose

Place: In the living room

Time: 1:04 PM

Mood: Restless but calm at the same time

Point to Ponder: I was planned for God’s pleasure.

Since I sent my laptop in, I have been laptop-less for quite awhile now and still am. no excuses though!

So this chapter talks about worship and how it is more than the customary belief that it is music for God. It is something that we should practice everyday in every moment. God loves it when we do actions that praise him and are for him.

Simple acts such as sleeping, eating, talking and walking should be done as though it is for Jesus Christ.

Something that I found interesting is that Rick Warren says that worship is not for our benefit. It is not part of our lives, it is our life.

Real worship is falling in love with Jesus – having a relationship with him.

The chapter asks what common task I can start doing as if it were directly for Jesus. Well…I know that I already like to speak to him constantly in my mind, especially when I am walking or before I go to sleep. I already do so even when I eat. But, I guess a new thing could be when I am baking, cooking, and cleaning.

Anyways, my dad is back and I noticed that I have been a lot happier. I no longer resort to food out of boredom and for comfort. The days don’t feel as blahh anymore. Still, I know that I hold a bit of anger in me that I am trying to let go of…


Psalm 149:4 – The Lord takes pleasure in his people.





Day 6 – Life is a Temporary Assignment

Place: On my couch
Time: Before Church
Mood: Sweet like that peach I ate

Point to Ponder: This world is not my home.

2 Corinthians 4:18 – So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
Click: Shields of Strength


Day 5 – Seeing Life From God’s View

Place: In my bed
Time: Morning ish
Mood: comfortable?
Had trouble uploading on YouTube, so it’s late, but I didn’t cheat myself!
Point to Ponder: Life is a test and a trust.

Luke 16:10 – Unless you are faithful in small matters, you won’t be faithful in large ones.
Shields of Strength


Did You Know? : Causes of Acne

I admit it, I’m one of those that people secretly hate because I have never had major acne or even mild. My face was always so “clean”, “smooth”, etc as others called it.

That is, until sophomore year of college…

Sure, I’ve had mild breakouts, but they always disappeared after a day or two.

But then there was one.

The one that came on my chin and would not go away. For a while I thought it was disappearing (after a few weeks), but it deceived me because it came again and will not leave my face. I mean I get that my face is so soft, squishy (from all that fat), but must it really just live on my chin for so long? Must other pimples start to creep up as well joining forces with it?

So, I searched up why it wouldn’t go away and I found this interesting article which I wholeheartedly agree with. It makes sense. I’ve always eaten clean and had a lot of fresh, whole foods. That is, until this year, which would explain this garden on my face.

So here’s a reference, a link to it for future reference: http://www.thelovevitamin.com/5335/where-your-acne-is-and-what-it-looks-like-can-tell-you-whats-causing-it/#.Upqt0dKsiM4 which states that it’s from http://blog.pieceofchic.net/2012/08/22/acne-face-map/


21 Day Challenge – Day 8

Whew! Finished it! Going to cool down with some blogilates pilates 🙂

I know that it’s tough to start because I seriously did not feel like working out today. I ate healthy, clean, and was just in the mood to just watch my drama, but I knew that I couldn’t give up on this challenge. When i’m keeping track of how many days I’ve done it, it’s super helpful because even though it felt like it was for a long time, I realize that it’s only day 8! Barely past 1 week! No wonder there’s little results.

My calves are thinner yes, but my calves are always the first to slim down. Usually, people lose fat in their faces first, but for me, my face and chin fat are the first to show and last to leave. Seriously, what drags!

So obviously, I’ve worked up quite a sweat even with my ice water. Wow, but I feel great and guilt-free obviously! These really help me stop snacking as well as I seem to always get a huge craving for sweet stuff or juicy things at night.  Tonight, I ate 2 white duchess peaches instead of a lot of my raw vegan brownies. hehe yay!

It’s not a huge accomplishment, but I’m taking it one step at a time, slow and steady for a slow and healthy (both physically and mentally) weight-loss.

Anybody else trying Keaira LaShae’s 21 Day Challenge? It’d be great to know that I’m not alone! 🙂


RV Marinara Noodles

marinara spaghetti

Totally clean, oil-free. I see that so many marinara recipes (including vegan ones) have oils in them. I wanted to keep mine as simple and as easy as possible while still being super healthy and delicious.

You can also use this recipe (the marinara) on kelp noodles. I tried it the other day, and got to say I liked it better than zucchini noodles!

Click for recipe!


21 Day Challenge – Day 4

Seriously, what’s helping me stick with this is blogging about this. I can’t lie about doing it or cheat myself out of this when I’m doing this for myself.

I noticed that my legs got jigglier and bigger since I didn’t exercise all day today and so the muscle I guess is sort of becoming fat?

But anyways, I forced myself to work out anyways before sleeping. I finished a little before midnight so yesss still completed day 4 successfully! I feel great as usual. Going to go take a shower and while I wait for my hair to dry, check out her videos on juicing. I heard that juicing isn’t good for you actually, but I’m still curious I guess. I don’t think I’d be able to do it for that long.

I made a nice SWAG SAUCE (okay it’s really RAW VEGAN RANCH DRESSING ish) and it was awesomee so I’ll be posting that later.

Anyways, highly suggest people do this cause it’s moderately easy to stick with (so far at least).

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As I’m going to be updating with before and after pics and photos of food etc.