RV Cheesecake (1 of my favorites)


This tastes like actual cheesecake, NO JOKE. SO GOOD, so creamy, so rich, so perfect! It’s got that like sour but sweet tangy taste to it. Kind of like New York Cheesecake, only healthy. So technically you can eat more without feeling as guilty. It’s awesome 🙂

Seriously, give it a shot. Definitely worth it. Warning though, it’s addicting, so I don’t know if you really want to make a whole pie if you like to eat a lot in one sitting…sort of mindlessly hehe^^

Anyways, here’s the recipe!


You Will Need:

– 1 1/2 Cups of Walnuts (or any other nuts. People like to use macadamia nuts)

– 20-25 Pitted Dates

– 3 Full Cups of Soaked Cashews

– Juice of 2 Lemons (3/4 Cup)

– 3/4 Cup of Raw Agave Nectar

– 3/4 Cup of Coconut Oil

– Strawberries

– Vanilla Extract optional

– Rolled Oats or Shredded Coconut optional



  1. Pulse in your food process or blender the walnuts (or other nuts you choose) a few times
  2. Add in your dates and pulse until the two blend together into a nice chunky mixture
  3. Sprinkle the rolled oats or shredded coconut onto the bottom of your pan to help prevent it from sticking too much to the pan
  4. Take out the nut-date mix and press into your pie pan to form your crust



  1. Blend together the rest of your ingredients minus the strawberries
  2. Pour the mixture onto your crust





  1. Slice some strawberries and place onto your cheesecake
  2. OR Pulse some strawberries and some dates together until they make a sort of sauce and pour on top of it

– freeze for a few hours

Note: It’s very rich. Remember not to consume too much. It IS a dessert after all.


Then enjoy~



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