Raw-V Ice Cream Float


Ever just wanted to have that creamy ice cream in that frothy soda? But, you didn’t want the root beer soda’s icky preservatives and added sugars that come along with it? So, you ended up resisting the temptation and feeling unsatisfied and grumpy? I know that I definitely have!

Well guess what? Here’s a recipe for an ice cream float that tastes EVEN BETTER, COOLER, SWEETER, and HYDRATES better than a regular ice cream float! What’s awesome is that it tastes great for vegans, nonvegans, etc. My mom who is not a vegan LOVED it! It is one of my favorite desserts for sure.

Added positives to that delicious taste include: health, clear skin, clean bowels (hehe)

This is especially great during the Summer~


You will need:

– A Blender

– A Food Processor optional (I used only a blender that has an ice crush/pulse option)

– Frozen Banana Chunks (However much you want, is however much you’ll need)

– 1 Young Coconut (to use the coconut juice and meat)

– 10 Pitted Dates (More or less depending on how sweet you want the float part)

– Almond Milk optional



  1. Hack off the top of the Young Coconut and pour the liquid into your blender. Do NOT throw away the coconut!
  2. Add in your 10 Pitted Dates into the blender
  3. Blend until frothy

Note: My blender is not as strong as a VitaMix or Ninja, so I chopped up my pitted dates and then added them.


Ice Cream:

  1. Whether you use a food processor or a blender, Pulse the frozen Banana Chunks in the machine until it becomes a creamy texture. Do not pulse too much otherwise it may liquidify

Note: Since, my blender is not that strong, I added in about 1/4 cup of Almond Milk to help it and it still turned out amazing!


The drink itself tastes so delicious that you could drink it by itself as well! I love it~ And of course, you can have the banana ice cream by itself as well!

IMG_1789   IMG_1788

Try it out! It is so simple. Let me know how it goes and enjoy~

Note: Hacking that young coconut was NOT easy >< You can see how many time I hacked at the coconut – all those knife marks! Maybe next time, I’ll go with getting coconut water that’s been extracted already hehe


Inspired by FullyRaw Kristina


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