Raw-V Fruit Pie in a Bowl

IMG_1796 IMG_1800

Rather than having to go to your pie tin, cut a slice, and then carefully shimmy it onto your plate while possibly ruining the form in the process … why not just have a mini pie in a bowl? No heating or cooking necessary! So easy, so deliciously sweet and juicy! I just made this today and gave a “pie” bowl to my mother and she absolutely loved it as well! We both devoured ours while watching our dramas hehe So, ready to give it a shot?


You Will Need:

– A Blender / Food Processor

– 1 Cup of Walnuts (or any other kind of nut you prefer)

– 1 Cup of Pitted Dates (5-10 ranging on how sticky and sweet you want the crust)

– 1 1/2 Cups of Mixed Frozen Berries

Notes: Can use Fresh ones as well. I used frozen ones so that I wouldn’t have to really wait for it to chill in the fridge hehe

– 1 Ripe Banana

– Coconut Meat of 1 Young Coconut



  1. Pulse the Walnuts a few times (or until it reaches at least halfway to the texture you want it to be in the end)
  2. Add in your Pitted Dates and Pulse until the two mix well and become smooth (or chunky)
  3. Take out the mixture and press into a small bowl on hand



  1. Blend/Puree your Frozen Mixed Berries
  2. Add in your Banana and Coconut Meat and puree until it is thick and creamy
  3. Pour the Filling into your bowl crust, top with a few berries and enjoy!

IMG_1799 IMG_1801

Note: Depends on how big your bowls are, but mine fit the palm of my hand well, so I was able to make 2. Could have made 3 if I distributed the crust more evenly as I had some filling leftover.

Have a bite~ Enjoy and tell me how it goes!


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