100% RV Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie 1Why wait until Thanksgiving to eat Pumpkin Pie? That’s the thought I had when I made this.

Not everybody loves pumpkin pie which I cannot seem to understand, BUT because I absolutely adore Pumpkin pie and will eat it any time I have the chance, I made this hehe~

So, here is my 100% raw Pumpkin Pie.


You will need:

– Around 2-3 cups of Pecans (Walnuts work as well. I personally used cashews as that’s what I had at the time)

– Around 35 Pitted Dates ( I had access to dried ones at the time, so those work too, but it won’t blend and smoothen as well)

– 1/4 of a small Pumpkin (I used the Kabocha pumpkin)

– 2-3 Ripe Figs (I used Brown Turkey Figs)

– 1/4 cup of water


– Crust:

  1. Blend/Process in a blender/food processor the handfuls of cashews                                                                 (really it’s up to you. Depends on how thick you want your crust. Also depends on what kind of texture you want your crust to have. If you want less fat in it, then use less)
  2. Then add in around 20 dates and blend/process the until the mixture blends                                       (You can add in more dates depending on how thick and sweet you want the crust to be)
  3. Take out the mixture and press it into your pie pan. Mold it along the pie pan so that it goes up to the edges and covers the bottom evenly. Below is a picture of mine. I didn’t make the sides that tall.

Note: Because I used dried dates, the mixture is not as finely ground as I would have liked.

raw vegan crust

– Filling:

  1. Add your cut, skinned chunks of pumpkin (I cut mine into squares so that it would blend better) into the blender along with your water. Puree the mixture but make sure it is still chunky
  2. Add in your pitted dates (I used around 15) and blend the mixture together. (If you want the filling to be sweeter, add in more dates, but do not forget that you will be adding in the ripe figs as well)
  3. Add in your ripe figs and blend the whole mixture until it is smooth and creamy, NOT thin and runny
  4. Pour the filling into the pie pan, onto the crust and smoothen the top.
  5. You can serve as is, or put it in the refrigerator(or freezer) for a few hours to cool it so that it cuts better. It will probably taste better too in my opinion~

pumpkin pie2

raw vegan pumpkin pie 2

Note: This was very sweet I got to admit, so if you prefer it to be less sweet, do put in less dates.

Hope it turns out tasty for you! Tell me how it goes!


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