100% RV 3-Ingredient Banana Mint Crunch Ice Cream

IMG_1815 IMG_1818

During the Summer, I just keep craving something sweet, but refreshing. Juicy is a plus, but definitely just really want ice cream. I didn’t want to go with the obvious simple banana ice cream. I wanted something that would leave me with a refreshing after taste: mint. I love Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, but I obviously was thinking “I ain’t got time for freezing it and I’m missing some ingredients! I want something so simple and quick!” So, here’s an experiment that to me was successful! Try it out and tell me how it goes!


You will need:

–  A Blender

– 1 Frozen Banana

– Mint Leaves (you can sub with peppermint extract or irish moss gel)

– 6-8 Soaked Cashews

– Ice Cubes optional

Note: If you want it to be sweeter, then add less cashews or more bananas. More mint leaves for a greater “mintiness.” The ice cubes are for if you want an extra cool “crunch” without the calories.


  1. Ice crush the Ice cubes in the Blender until it reaches a little bigger than the kind of “crunch” you want
  2. Add in the cashews and pulse/blend until it reaches the texture you want
  3. Add in your frozen bananas and mint leaves and pulse it until it becomes creamy. Do not overdo it otherwise it will become more like a smoothie
  4. Can place in the freezer to harden it up a bit or enjoy on the spot!


Hope you enjoy this, because I know I am right now as I write this!


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