Date Cookie Delish (RV Healthiest Cookie EVER)



People can claim that their cookie recipes are the healthiest cookies on Earth, but this is the healthiest in the universe! 

Check it out. It’s even healthier than that Banana Oatmeal 2-Ingredient Cookie I made in my Ice Cream Sandwich/Cookie Recipe here (click)

It’s simply made of dates and a nut of your choice (I chose walnuts). How simple is that? But get this, put in less nuts for less fat, and more dates for more sweet gooey chewy-ness. Put in less dates for less carbs (though these are unrefined, whole, healthiness) less sweetness, and more walnuts for more protein and crunch!


You Will Need:

– Walnuts (nut of your choice)

– Pitted Dates

Note: The ratio of walnuts to dates that you choose is up to you. Read my comment above for clarification. I chose to do a 2:1 ratio. 2 being the dates and 1 being the walnuts.


  1. Pulse a few times the walnuts
  2. Add in your dates and pulse until the two combine
  3. Take out the mixture and compress it together

Note: For more chewiness and texture, I added in a small amount of rolled oats.

And that’s it! Enjoy it! It tastes great with a nice glass of milk as well~ I drank Almond Milk!



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