Cauliflower Fried Rice

cauliflower fried rice

**This is the basic fried rice part. You’re welcome to add in other things such as eggs, vegetables, meat, etc.

It’s so good and this can be varied to your liking~ But here’s the basics:


You Will Need:

– Food Processor

– Frying Pan (cooking utensils)

– Knife


– Some Cauliflower (depending on how much you need) (I used half)

– Himalayan Salt

– Pepper

– Cooking Oil


1. Chop up the cauliflower and add into the food processor.

2. Process the cauliflower until it’s small like grains of rice

3. Heat up your frying pan and then add in the oil.

4. Add in the cauliflower and salt&pepper into the frying pan and stir fry for a few minutes.

5. Feel free to add in an egg, chicken, veggies, etc



My sister’s Music: Minji Noh


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