Minji Noh Music


Dr. Minji Noh is my older sister whom I deeply respect. She is a mother of two and is a superb pianist. She has so many credentials and experiences, but those are not all that make her so amazing. It’s because she is so humble, kind, patient, and seriously almost the most perfect person (because nobody is perfect except for our Lord and Savior) that I know on this earth and I do not say this just because she is my sister. (although I’m sure that plays a huge part because I know her that much more.) And yet you would think that because you know your family member, you would see all of their flaws and all and that they would be further away from perfection in your eyes, but that isn’t the case here.

She teaches, performs, collaborates, accompanies, and organizes music festivals as well as judges. If you are a music lover, you should definitely check her out!



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