Pasta Culture

Disclaimer: I will continue to add onto this most likely and organize this better. But for now, since I am just starting off with a few facts…

To start off: a few facts concerning pasta that I have learned in Italy.

Pasta here in Italy can range from very small to very long and large.

Rule: BUT, no matter how big the pasta is do not ever cut it!

This is to preserve the sincerity, the taste, and the texture of the pasta. You cut it, you are effing with it.


The more expensive the pasta, the better the quality. Now this may seem like common knowledge and yet people are always opting for the packaged, cheap version. The better the quality means that better water was used as well as better flour.

It never hurts to invest more money into the food that you eat because you are what you eat.

Fresh Pasta:

You really want to go for fresh pasta because it is easier to digest and you know where it came from most likely as well.

If the pasta is fresh, once it is cooked, it will float to the top. (while boiling)

Types of Pasta w/ Sauces:

Thin Sauces: Usually watery such as tomato sauce.

  • Used with long pasta such as spaghetti
    • Because it absorbs the flavor easier than thick, short pasta would.

Thick Sauces: Such as the creamy ones, the ones that have chicken, chicken broth, and veggies in it.

  • Used with short pasta such as penne
    • Because it really absorbs the flavor and the short pasta is usually thicker.
  • Note: Fresh tomatoes are delicious with penne as well

Fish Pasta: Used with long pasta

Beef Pasta: Used with pipe like pasta such as paccheri artigianali di gragnano so that it absorbs the flavor.

Cooking the Pasta:

You want to cook it to al dente which means slightly undercooked so that it finishes cooking when you mix it with the sauce and as it rests in the sauce.


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