Memories: Photos

Here are present pictures as well as past pictures of myself for motivation and memories. no chronological order.

I wonder if I should just put all these in my Tumblr, but I think I’ll wait on that…


Halloween 2012 Freshman year in College


Rocket Pitches Acappella 2012-2013
New season starting with me as President and it’s a lot more diverse now! 😀


First time at Super88 with college friends and first time I saw and felt a Durian 😛

beaver snow

Snow Beaver hehe our mascot 🙂


love love love baking<3


freshman year of college first semester 2012 with my friends for life 🙂


friends for life<3

military ball 2012-13 with joo

At the BU ROTC Military Ball Freshman year of college with the best guyfriend of almost 10 years

Prom 2012
mis amigas bonitas<3


Freshman Year First Semester (cup from korea) winter 2012


With Mom, my best friend, at Sister’s Trio Concert
Summer 2013

winter formal1

Winter Formal 2011
also friends for life<3


christmas w/ sis and mom 2010?


When I was 6 years old I believe – at my sister’s high school graduation


When I was 3 or 4 years old I believe with my sister

back then

in 8th grade


ran the hal marathon (huntington i think?) with the family 🙂 first half marathon ever
in sophomore year i think?

unni and me

also in 7th or 8th grade with unni at the huntington home


freshman year first semester with the korean mug from father dearest

sophomore year of high school after unni’s beneficiary concert


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