About Snoh



My  name is Sarah Noh and I am actually a Cali girl (as opposed to what you see in my picture). I am somebody who is always striving to try out different things that concern my health, happiness, and lifestyle. I want to continuously find what kind of “diet” and lifestyle is right for me.

What really inspired me to finally make this website is when I was into the 80/10/10 Raw Vegan Diet. I tried that out for a few weeks and decided that it was good, but I would perhaps modify it and gradually build up to it.

I thought that if I record what I eat and make, then that would inspire me to continue living healthily. Why not make something out of this hobby by experimenting with new recipes? I get to eat great food too which is always a bonus!

But honestly I am really doing this for myself and nobody else. This is for my health, my growth, and for my happiness. I don’t want to become healthy, fit, skinny for the happiness of others, but for my own satisfaction so that I may truly love who i am. I thank the Lord for this body and hope to be able to make the most out of it.

I also am somebody who has grown up with music whether it be: playing it, listening to it, teaching it, or even writing it; therefore, it feels like such a waste if I do not keep up with at least the basics of it. I am after all somebody that was contemplating on majoring in violin performance, but changed my mind my senior year of high school. I enjoy teaching music theory and how to sing as well as play the violin and the piano to my students and those ask and am currently trying to teach myself how to play the guitar.

I like to blog too because I like to rant, ramble, and just be open and honest about myself and what I try and go through. Of course, I’ll keep most posts related to just my health, lifestyle, and music. I will be studying abroad soon in Italy and will be vlogging about my adventures onto here or potentially my study abroad site . You may notice that I thoroughly enjoy putting up videos of my family (mainly my niece and nephew) as well~

Thanks to those who support me!

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Note: I noticed that a lot of this is not updated. I am trying to take blogging more seriously now since it seems that I can’t seem to remember a lot of what happens in my life even though there are so many moments that I wish I could record to watch and cherish over and over again…

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snohwhite captionad astra per aspera


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