Due Baci

Place: Desk in my Apartment 
Time: 5:00 PM
Mood: Happy, comfortable Action: Chewing gum (random I know)
I am sure that it has been noticed before already:
where two Europeans or Latinos greet each other with a kiss/peck on each cheek.

I remember thinking that I could not do that and would feel super shy about it,
but I have adapted to it already and learned something interesting about it.

If you do not know of it, basically “Due Baci” (Dos besos) is a form of greeting that is common.
Rather than shaking hands, waving, or just simply saying “Hello”,
Italians (Europeans) say Ciao! (or any other form of Hello) and then proceed to kind of do this like
hug thing while kissing (with their cheeks mainly, not lips on the cheek) each cheek while making that kissing sound.

There is a slight difference in Italy compared to the rest of Europe concerning this
“2 Kiss” or Due Baci.

In Italy, you start with a kiss on the Right and then the Left.
On the otherhand, in the rest of Europe (mostly), you start with the Left and the Right.
So it could probably get awkward and confusing if this is not known of beforehand.

This seems to contribute to how Europeans are so open, touchy, and comfortable with each other,
even strangers, while in America and especially Asia, there is this like “comfort zone bubble of do not enter” around us.



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