Recipe: Healthy Flour-Free Lactation Cookies


Don’t be confused by the title/name of the cookie. It is still delicious and basically tastes like a chewy, chocolate chip, oatmeal cookie. It is so delicious! Click to try out this healthy flour-free lactation cookies recipe!

What Lactation means is that this cookie helps mothers produce milk when they are breastfeeding. Honestly, I’m not breast feeding, but I ate a few myself because they are so delicious and trust me, it’s not some cookie that is forbidden to males or something.

More information on the page!

My sister asked me to make her some and I decided that I would make a healthier version because just because it’s good for you, doesn’t mean that there aren’t recipes out there that utilize butter, sugar, flour, etc.

This recipe is free of: Flour, eggs, butter, and refined sugar. It is gluten free as well.

If you want to know more about each of them and their health benefits and such, feel free to leave a comment!

Click for the recipe!



The Power of 정

Place: Dining table                      Place of blog: My sister’s home, J.Zhou Oriental Cuisine, DooRe and my home

Time: 12:26 PM

Mood/Action: Nostalgic/eating a sweet potato

I’m going to miss him.

It’s one of those things – those moments where you just feel a sudden connection/attachment to someone. I guess it’s also since we both have a lot of (which is like feeling/emotion/love/affection/compassion/sentiment/passion/sympathy/heart …yes I took that from the dictionary.)

His dad and my dad have been friends to the point of calling each other “brother” for about 10 years and counting. I remember meeting my dad’s friend years ago and this time him and his family came to America to visit because his first son was going to attend the rest of his high school years in America.

When we first all met at my sister’s home, it was a bit awkward. Him and his younger brother could speak fairly good English while the parents could not. I could tell that they found Alexis adorable because she was so excited. And you can definitely tell who are good people because it’s not to everyone that she is that friendly or gets that happy and excited, bouncing up and down. (especially since she’s usually only sort of open to Koreans, but these people are not Korean.)

We all decided to meet for dinner that day (excluding my sis and Mike due to schedule conflict). We all ate in J.Zhou Oriental Cuisine in a private room where each dish was presented and then served to us. The food was all excellent including: Abalone, King Crab, some sort of bone marrow looking thing that was delish, and so many more dishes that I do not know the names of. I sat next to the younger brother and we chatted a bit and stuff.

He’s so adorable! The way he was calling me jiejie and serving me some food and tea. So much energy!

I asked them what their dreams are and they told me.

It’s amazing how he has his dream and is striving toward it already…

And he really is because we met about a week later (yesterday) and talked again. So he was homesick and wanted to meet my dad, his “American dad” (how cute) and they spent the day together. After church, I went with my mother to have dinner with him and my dad. We ate at DooRe Restaurant (Korean food) and it was really good as well.

What an amazing appetite he has. How is he still so skinny/fit? Glad that he’s enjoying the food so well though.

We relayed questions and answers off of each other and it was just really nice. It really felt like he is my brother.

There’s some unspoken as well as spoken thing that those two boys are my younger brothers. His family and my family both say it.

2014-08-17 18.57.38-2

My daddy and didi walking together all chummy. Had to catch a pic of them~ so candid

After dinner, he came back to our place to have some fruit and I excitedly showed him my yearbook elementary pictures. I don’t know why I was so excited, but somehow I just wanted to show him, my brother. Then, my mom excitedly showed him videos on YouTube of me singing the national anthem and performing in Zipper Hall. He was surprised and said that I must have been the “Ace” of my high school and even now at college. (because he also knows my SAT score and stuff…) I just laughed and said that that isn’t true. There aren’t those kind of titles here in America unlike Korea or China.

Not gonna lie, that made me happy that he thinks that because he kept saying it, saying that I was being too modest.

2014-08-17 21.24.38

Dad wanted to take a pic of us looking at the yearbooks. Look at us all shy like haha

2014-08-17 21.22.59

Me showing him my elementary yearbook photos

When it was time to go drop him back at his home-stay place, I tagged along and we all chatted again and stuff. Then, we happened to see the crowd-filled Angel Stadium and it was quite the sight to see!

When we were saying goodbye once we got to his home, it was a bit sad. In the car he kept asking questions about whether I was coming back to California after Italy or if I would be going straight to Boston. He was happy to find out that I’d be here for Christmas and I was actually very happy too. I still am excited to think that he will be spending Christmas with us.

Just like family, the way it should be.

The three of us (yes my dad was still there too) hugged multiple times after he showed me his room and said goodbye. And it was just a bit sad, but it really isn’t goodbye. (as cliche as this sounds). It’s until next time. It’s just 4 months after all (as he told me). So until then, can’t wait to see how he grows in America and how I grow as well in Italy~

Alla Prossima~ Ci sentiamo e mi ha fatto piacere vederti.

Seeing the Angel Stadium filled on our way to dropping him off.

Seeing the Angel Stadium filled on our way to dropping him off.


1 Corinthians 10:31 – “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”
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Forgetful and Busy, but I Care… (Social Cleanse?)

It’s just great to keep in touch with people that you care about. Obviously, even if there are others that you care about, sometimes it’s hard if it’s always you that’s hitting them up. So sometimes you just sort of stop that life of always being the one that initiates and wait to see who comes to you first. That’s how you know then..because they can either

1. sense that something’s wrong

2. miss you (me)

It’s got to be effort on both parts after all. And like they say, sometimes it’s not worth keeping/holding those that don’t put in at least some effort to stay in touch with you as well.

I went through a “social cleanse” around 2 months ago where I just deactivated Facebook and just kind of shut out from being the one always initiating to see who really cared after all, because just like everybody else out there, I was feeling and thinking “Am I the only one that cares?”

But then again, there are always also those friendships where you don’t even have to think those thoughts, because no matter how long it has been, once you hang out – it’s just epic.

I know in my heart who are important to me and it’s not a small list obviously. I just hope that they also realize that they are all equally important to me as well and that I love them all whether or not I see them a lot, talk to them a lot, take pictures together, or give gifts, etc. Because I will randomly do acts of kindness just when I feel like it. I will forget some facts about people because

1. I’m forgetful

2. I’m scatter brained

3. It’s hard to remember everything about everyone…

But I try. And I really do love them all, so I hope that it’s not misunderstood whether or not I like one above the other or what not.

See this is how scattered I am. I don’t even know why I started talking about that or how it even came up. But anyways…Time to go to the gym.

A dopo~ Arrivederci! Here are some pics that I have yet to upload. Obviously, there are a lot others with other friends and pics that I haven’t taken even while hanging out, but I hope to post some so that I remember these moments.

Boiling crab with these squeezes that are like sisters to me.

Boiling crab with these squeezes that are like sisters to me.

Met up with these two lovelies after about a year!

Met up with these two lovelies after about a year!

Just doing a "funny" face

Just doing a “funny” face

Eyyy Connie

Eyyy Connie

Eyyy Tammyy

Eyyy Tammyy

Hung out with Anh today as well and will be hitting up Christie, Caitlin, Sarah Stewart, and Patricia~



Weilà Raga!

Place: Dining Room Table

Time: 12:32 PM

Mood: Happy.

I have been updating my Study abroad blog as I prepare for my departure. Today is D-16!!

I’ve been teaching myself Italian have started to post some dialogues that I have typed up as practice from my own knowledge onto the site. Hopefully, by doing this, I will improve in my Italian as well as the chatting that I have been doing with native speakers who live in Italy.

I really should post onto here some of my other adventures that I have been doing here as well…but I’m so caught up in the Italian language, culture, and people!

I’m starting to get excited as the reality is starting to hit me!

Well…time to head out~

My study abroad blog that I share with two other friends~: Click

Some posts will look something like this:

Posto/Luogo: La mia casa
Tempo: 11:52 AM
Umore: Felice
Disclaimer: Don’t guarantee all of the grammar is correct.
Signore: Salve e Buongiorno!
Io: Salve! Piacere d’incontrarti.
Signore: Come ti chiami?
Io: Mi chiamo Sarah Noh.  E tu??
Giorgio: Mi chiamo Giorgio. Come stai e da dove viene?
Io: Io sto bene. E tu? Tutto a posto?
Giorgio: Sì, tutto bene! Da dove viene? Parla italiano? Parlami di te.
Io: Sono statunitense. Parlo inglese e parlo poco italiano. Vorrei capire italiano perche vado a roma in settembre a dicembre. Io ho 20 anni. Mi piace cucinere e mangiare. E tu?
Giorgio: Sono italiano. Non parlo inglese, mi dispiace, ma parlo italiano. In italy, non è necessario parlere inglese perche vorrei imparare. Mi piace leggere e scrivere. Mi capisci?
Io: Sì, ti capisco. Perche più lentamente, per favore. Che fai oggi?
Giorgio: Io mangerò in quello ristorante. Vuoi venire?
Io: Sì, Sì. Andiamo.

Psalms 104: 1-4 – “Praise the Lord, my soul. Lord my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty. The Lord wraps himself in light as with a garment; he stretches out the heavens like a tent and lays the beams of his upper chambers on their waters. He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on the wings of the wind. He makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants.”
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Taking Pictures with Sunshine

First time I'm posing like this and actually putting it in public LOLOL I look like a teacher...

First time I’m posing like this and actually putting it in public LOLOL I look like a teacher…

Goofing around with Alexis because she likes to take pictures (like she really does haha)  This is how she says "sh", she squishes her nose~ how cute!

Goofing around with Alexis because she likes to take pictures (like she really does haha)
This is how she says “sh”, she squishes her nose~ how cute!

And she continues to say shh

And she continues to say shh







Monggg~ (means blanking out basically)

Monggg~ (means blanking out basically)

And we finish with this~ :)

And we finish with this~ 🙂


Fudgy Flourless Vegan Microwave Brownie

photo (1)

I’ve tried various microwave muffin/bread/cookie/brownie recipes whenever I have a craving for something sweet that isn’t fruit. This is one of the few recipes that have actually satisfied me: Fudgy Flour-less Vegan Microwave Brownie Recipe

It’s chocolate-y, fudgy-y, molten, soft, and yet chewy~

photo 2 (8)



Spicy Braised Mackerel/Saury 꽁치조림

I have finally updated the Spicy Braised Mackerel/Saury 꽁치조림 recipe page with the ingredients and directions!

I made this while I had no meal plan in college during the summer. It was so easy and delicious to make since I used canned fish. It lasted me a few meals and wrapped with rice and lettuce was the best! Especially because I had been craving Korean food soooo badly.

mackerel pike side dish

Check it out! 🙂 Thanks for waiting!