Purpose Driven Life

As Summer of 2014 arrived, I suddenly began to think even more than I already did and pretty soon, my mind was buzzing with thoughts ranging from my future to sudden dreams of what I want to do.

I suddenly had so many things that I wanted to achieve including learning how to play the guitar, learning Italian, getting better at baking and decorating, kickboxing, playing my electric violin, and on top of that trying to continue my power-lifting regimen.

I began to wonder what I want to do in life and as time progressed, I began to wear myself out and just become sick of it all including all of the worries of my mind…how dangerous one’s mind can be amazes me. It’s such a dark, scary, depressing place that constantly presses me down. I could feel myself drifting away from God…

Then, as I was reading to at least feel a bit productive (still was in my gloomy state), I came across my book The Purpose Driven Life that I had purchased in 2009. It says in the beginning that I came to read this for a reason. That is so true because I had come to a point where I really needed God once again.

Therefore, I decided to venture on this journey once again…I will read each chapter, upload a few minutes of my immediate reaction and reflection (no editing or anything), and then upload it onto here.



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