Did You Know? : Causes of Acne

I admit it, I’m one of those that people secretly hate because I have never had major acne or even mild. My face was always so “clean”, “smooth”, etc as others called it.

That is, until sophomore year of college…

Sure, I’ve had mild breakouts, but they always disappeared after a day or two.

But then there was one.

The one that came on my chin and would not go away. For a while I thought it was disappearing (after a few weeks), but it deceived me because it came again and will not leave my face. I mean I get that my face is so soft, squishy (from all that fat), but must it really just live on my chin for so long? Must other pimples start to creep up as well joining forces with it?

So, I searched up why it wouldn’t go away and I found this interesting article which I wholeheartedly agree with. It makes sense. I’ve always eaten clean and had a lot of fresh, whole foods. That is, until this year, which would explain this garden on my face.

So here’s a reference, a link to it for future reference: http://www.thelovevitamin.com/5335/where-your-acne-is-and-what-it-looks-like-can-tell-you-whats-causing-it/#.Upqt0dKsiM4 which states that it’s from http://blog.pieceofchic.net/2012/08/22/acne-face-map/


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