My new snacking obsession – healthy alternative

So, lately I’ve been obsessed with a website called I’m normally not one that likes dried fruit, but I guess I sort of converted after ordering from them…It started with my curiosity of dried kiwi slices and dried figs. Now, I order and eat their dried fruit that does not have any added sugar. It is just the fruit itself dried. No other preservatives, etc. I admit that I eat too much to the point of it being a sign to my weight loss goal hehe 😛

I was also obsessed with their Veggie Chips, Fruit Chips, and mushroom chips; however, I realized that as those are fried, it’d be best to not eat those. yes, they are a healthier alternative to chips and cookies, but I ended up eating too much of those as well which made me not feel so good later. So, now I order just their dried fruit, chia seeds, cinnamon, and goji cacao energy squares. I don’t think I should order their energy squares anymore because those are dang addicting as well. In fact, I’m writing this post so that I don’t eat anymore! Only thing that bothers me is the shipping fee :/ (I guess I’m too used to free shipping as an Amazon Prime member) but their shipping is super fast which makes up for it.

Disclaimer: Not promoting them or in any affiliation with


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