Insanity & Life Update

So I start Week 4 of Insanity 60-day challenge tomorrow and I was doing so great! I had lost 5 lbs and was feeling great, eating healthy, etc. and then suddenly one day I just lost it. I guess I didn’t eat as healthily as before or maybe it’s because I’ve been consuming more dried fruit (which doesn’t have added sugar mind you) but the next day I was up a few lbs! I found that so weird…it must be water weight I thought. However, I didn’t drink as much water as I did before…

And today, I just totally undid it by eating too much in 1 meal and then ending up eating a lot again in the other. I can’t believe I started binge-eating again! I have been snacking on dried fruit lately (weird because I used to not even like it). I know what I’m doing wrong though. I need to eat smaller, more frequent meals. I need to cut down on eating those dried fruits…moderation is key.

I need to snap out of this slump. I’ve been feeling really down and low in my self-esteem. I have been letting loose again. I can’t lose sight of my goal! I was doing so well and was feeling so great! I can’t believe that I’m letting all that hard work go to waste! I honestly don’t know how to go back though. I feel like I’m stuck as everything is piling up. I don’t want to starve obviously because that isn’t the way to go, but I feel disgusting right now as well. I will continue with the Insanity 60 day challenge though and try to eat cleaner and drink more water starting now.

Week 4 tomorrow huh? I can’t believe that I’m lasting this long and that I’m sticking with it! I hope that I really do reach that Insanity worthy body soon. I hope that I can stick with this and focus. I pray that I continue to not let myself down and not to feel so down anymore.

Best of luck to me! And I will update for sure after week 4 for a complete 1 month update.

Yes, this is the first time that I’m mentioning Insanity on my blog, but that’s because I wanted to make sure that I’m sticking with it before I write about it. I will try to do weekly updates now so that I can keep myself on track. Because I can feel my motivation faltering…


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