Korean Recipe: DakGalbi (Marinated/BBQ Chicken) (닭갈비)


So over the summer, I stayed a bit at summer school to get ahead and my friends wanted me to make them Korean food since we all didn’t have a meal plan. I think this is one of the first legit korean main dishes that I have made all by myself.

Anyways, I asked my friends what they wanted and one of them said this dish. So, I bought all of the ingredients after a struggle of a trip to H-Mart and this was my first try. Got to hand it to myself, it was pretty darn impressive. One friend (He’s from Korea and 24 years old) said that it tastes better than what they serve at restaurants – no exaggeration. He ate 2-3 servings worth! Just bragging a bit :P But also, this means it’s possible for everybody to make such a delicious dish at home so easily~

Click here for this deliciousness!



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