RV LF Strawberry “Cheesecake”


So, there are many strawberry cheesecake recipes out there most likely, including raw vegan ones; however, mine’s a very easy one that is low fat, raw vegan, and super easy and clean. I prefer not to use coconut oil or too much if any agave nectar since those will only add unnecessary ingredients to the body.

I like to keep it easy and stuff. Also, I recently found that either I’m allergic to nuts or just highly reactive to fatty foods. I would break out in hives and get itchy when I eat peanut butter, a lot of nuts, or greasy foods. 😦

Thankfully, the foods I have up (most) are not high fat nor are they greasy~

Children and Adults love this – I gave some to my mother’s guests and the kids especially were in love!

Recipe for that dang good Strawberry Cheesecake/Pie! Click Here


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