Enjoying Everything Intelligently

I think I finally got it, not just mentally but physically.

I can eat everything that I want, as long as I eat in in moderation. Yes, I have always known that, but it was always so hard to actually put that into practice. Once I started eating something sweet or savory like chips, ice cream, cookies – I would eat too much of it or end up finishing the bag and feeling disgusting.

Yesterday, I bought Cinnamon Stacy’s Pita chips, popcorn, haagen-dazs italian gelato salty caramel, and rice cakes. Whoa right? But I’ve noticed that every night I’d get a crazy sweetness craving, so I’d end up eating fruit or my vegan brownie; however, those are high in calories (usually I ate more than one piece of fruit)

So, I successfully ate only a bit of chips and 2 spoons of ice cream. That’s it! and I was pretty satisfied. I refrained from eating more.

Technique: As a precaution, I put the pita chips in my car’s glove compartment so that I would not finish the bag. Therefore, only when I really craved it and was willing to walk over there (yes I’m lazy) or if I’m in my car, then I could enjoy a few. It worked!

See I got into this whole mindset of eating healthily, but I realized that the more I obsessed over eating only healthy things, I got into the mindset that I could eat as much as I want if it’s healthy. But then I would not feel satisfied and want something fatty. Hence the weight gain. When I eat something unhealthy to begin with as a snack, I keep in mind that it is unhealthy and control myself. Hence, my stomach muscle does not expand as much either and I wake up not feeling hungover.

Hopefully, I continue to be able to snack smartly and not think so much about health only.

Going to Fukawa the Japanese restaurant today for my mom’s birthday dinner as I will be in Mexico next week. Can’t wait!

Hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to be truly satisfied with snacking on whole healthy foods.


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