21 Day Challenge – Day 10

So today is Day 10 of Keaira LaShae’s 21 Day Challenge. I altered day 10’s routine a bit. I did the hip hop booty shaking workout 2x rather than doing the sexy abs and sexy chair workout. I also swam for about 45 minutes and did some blogilates in the morning. Just a few videos to get my metabolism going. I woke up today pretty toned, but after eating I sort of bloated out again. It’s not like I ate over 2000 calories or anything, but I guess the volume and the sodium intake. I had a lot of seaweed soup today and some Korean BBQ of bulgogi, plus some kelp noodles with soy sauce. I also had some taro rolls. No regrets! So good hehe.

I’m just glad that I didn’t overdo it again with my nut-filled vegan desserts. I didn’t have any today yay! But, I did have some red bean jelly 😛

Otherwise, I am sweating and ready to hula hoop while watching Vixx. I’ve been into them lately due to a close friend of mine hehe


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