Did You Know?: Calorie Counting & Macronutrients Calculating

So I’m not talking about weights or exercise equipment, but I’m talking about what I like to use (once in a while, though trying to make it a habit) to count calories.

Yes, I said it – (yes ma’am) Now counting calories is tedious and honestly sucks at times, it is effective for people who are used to eating big portions (hungryyy hungers) so it reminds me to fill up on vegetables rather than too many nuts or high calorie fruits or noodles. (of course I use kelp noodles and discovered a vegetable noodle today! Korean Markets seriously have so many different kinds of noodles!)

So the first I like is obviously MyFitnessPal (<-click for link) and I’m sure many have heard of it.

It’s a free app as well as website, so go check it out!

Also, for those who are more concerned about the MacroNutrients as well as calories etc check out Cron-O-Meter (<-click for link)

so awesome! It breaks down what you are eating more than myfitness pal does, but myfitness pal does have more foods logged in since cronometer seems more for whole foods as well as spices but not dishes found in restaurants etc. Cronometer is definitely useful for all the raw vegan eaters out there!

But yea totally helpful! hopefully I start using these again and stick with it to be more mindful


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