21 Day Challenge – Day 5

Whoo finished day 5 and I feel great as usual!

So, my hips are super sore, but it’s okay. I’ve been lagging lately as I’ve been out all day and coming back at night, so I’ve doing these workouts late into the night. However, my goal is to do these workouts in the morning now or at least do some stretches in the morning before heading out.

I finished Keaira LaShae’s sexy abs, sexy heels, and reggae dancehall workouts. I also did Blogilates Cassy Ho’s Day 6 of her Beginner’s Calendar 🙂

Unfortunately, food wise I’ve eaten a lot of carbs today starting from a banana, toast to having kimchi fried rice and pho and ending with Soba with kimchi and salad. I had some fruit and a green tea mochi as well eek!

However, no regrets! Tasted great! hehe

However, I have decided to start counting calories again since that seems to be the only effective way that I lost weight (when I combined it with exercise).

Drop them calories! Burn that Fat!


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