B-12 Shots?

What do people think of B-12 shots? Is it really that great and good for metabolism?


Mexico Mission – Tijuana

I’m going to Tijuana, Mexico tomorrow morning with my church members. I pray that we have a safe trip and that it will be a fulfilling one. I hope that I do not feel lonely, sick, or discouraged as well.

Therefore, I’ll be MIA for a week~ Until then!


Enjoying Everything Intelligently

I think I finally got it, not just mentally but physically.

I can eat everything that I want, as long as I eat in in moderation. Yes, I have always known that, but it was always so hard to actually put that into practice. Once I started eating something sweet or savory like chips, ice cream, cookies – I would eat too much of it or end up finishing the bag and feeling disgusting.

Yesterday, I bought Cinnamon Stacy’s Pita chips, popcorn, haagen-dazs italian gelato salty caramel, and rice cakes. Whoa right? But I’ve noticed that every night I’d get a crazy sweetness craving, so I’d end up eating fruit or my vegan brownie; however, those are high in calories (usually I ate more than one piece of fruit)

So, I successfully ate only a bit of chips and 2 spoons of ice cream. That’s it! and I was pretty satisfied. I refrained from eating more.

Technique: As a precaution, I put the pita chips in my car’s glove compartment so that I would not finish the bag. Therefore, only when I really craved it and was willing to walk over there (yes I’m lazy) or if I’m in my car, then I could enjoy a few. It worked!

See I got into this whole mindset of eating healthily, but I realized that the more I obsessed over eating only healthy things, I got into the mindset that I could eat as much as I want if it’s healthy. But then I would not feel satisfied and want something fatty. Hence the weight gain. When I eat something unhealthy to begin with as a snack, I keep in mind that it is unhealthy and control myself. Hence, my stomach muscle does not expand as much either and I wake up not feeling hungover.

Hopefully, I continue to be able to snack smartly and not think so much about health only.

Going to Fukawa the Japanese restaurant today for my mom’s birthday dinner as I will be in Mexico next week. Can’t wait!

Hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to be truly satisfied with snacking on whole healthy foods.


21 Day Challenge – Day 10

So today is Day 10 of Keaira LaShae’s 21 Day Challenge. I altered day 10’s routine a bit. I did the hip hop booty shaking workout 2x rather than doing the sexy abs and sexy chair workout. I also swam for about 45 minutes and did some blogilates in the morning. Just a few videos to get my metabolism going. I woke up today pretty toned, but after eating I sort of bloated out again. It’s not like I ate over 2000 calories or anything, but I guess the volume and the sodium intake. I had a lot of seaweed soup today and some Korean BBQ of bulgogi, plus some kelp noodles with soy sauce. I also had some taro rolls. No regrets! So good hehe.

I’m just glad that I didn’t overdo it again with my nut-filled vegan desserts. I didn’t have any today yay! But, I did have some red bean jelly 😛

Otherwise, I am sweating and ready to hula hoop while watching Vixx. I’ve been into them lately due to a close friend of mine hehe


21 Day Challenge – Day 9

I can definitely see the results coming after I started eating super clean. Although tonight for dinner I had an Eel and Egg Bowl at Mitsuwa with my church friends, and that was super greasy. I also had a late night boba hehe, but otherwise I played some bball and did Keaira Lashae’s workouts today. I wasn’t feeling super motivated, but I did them early in the morning before going to church and today’s wasn’t that tough, so that’s good!

Today, I had a lot of stimulating talk with a friend and it’s just a lot to think about. It’s great really, just getting out there and talking a lot about some deep things with somebody who has similar morals and you can trust to understand and not stab you in the back or to judge you.


21 Day Challenge – Day 8

Whew! Finished it! Going to cool down with some blogilates pilates 🙂

I know that it’s tough to start because I seriously did not feel like working out today. I ate healthy, clean, and was just in the mood to just watch my drama, but I knew that I couldn’t give up on this challenge. When i’m keeping track of how many days I’ve done it, it’s super helpful because even though it felt like it was for a long time, I realize that it’s only day 8! Barely past 1 week! No wonder there’s little results.

My calves are thinner yes, but my calves are always the first to slim down. Usually, people lose fat in their faces first, but for me, my face and chin fat are the first to show and last to leave. Seriously, what drags!

So obviously, I’ve worked up quite a sweat even with my ice water. Wow, but I feel great and guilt-free obviously! These really help me stop snacking as well as I seem to always get a huge craving for sweet stuff or juicy things at night.  Tonight, I ate 2 white duchess peaches instead of a lot of my raw vegan brownies. hehe yay!

It’s not a huge accomplishment, but I’m taking it one step at a time, slow and steady for a slow and healthy (both physically and mentally) weight-loss.

Anybody else trying Keaira LaShae’s 21 Day Challenge? It’d be great to know that I’m not alone! 🙂


RV Marinara Noodles

marinara spaghetti

Totally clean, oil-free. I see that so many marinara recipes (including vegan ones) have oils in them. I wanted to keep mine as simple and as easy as possible while still being super healthy and delicious.

You can also use this recipe (the marinara) on kelp noodles. I tried it the other day, and got to say I liked it better than zucchini noodles!

Click for recipe!