21 Day Challenge – Day 2

So I just completed my 2nd day of the 21 Day Challenge by Keaira LaShae.

Seriously this woman has so much swag and is just so awesome and fun to work out with. It doesn’t even feel like I’m working out mentally. It’s like not a strain. It’s fun thank the Lord. I’m sweating a happy sweat not a stressed one yesss

But, second day felt easier for me workout wise, probably because I didn’t swim beforehand. However, I still feel like dancing so I’m going to check out other videos and maybe do some pilates.

My overall thought is really how does she booty pop so easily. It’s pretty tough. Gotta practice that.

Part of the reason I’m doing this is also because I want to learn how to dance, so hopefully this will give me some basics in a fun manner 🙂

Results thus far? Yes! It’s probably thanks to swimming for over an hour last night plus not eating late plus doing Day 1 and 2 Blogilates videos afterward. My face bloatness went down a bit and my mom even noticed as well. I drank lots of water as well.

Hydration is a must! Drank 2 bottles this morning before I ate, and now drank over 140 oz of water and it’s still only 11 am!

Great start of the day. Hopefully I hold strong~


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