Did You Know?: Gluten-Free Noodles (Alternatives to White Refined)

Instead of eating refined white flour noodles or pasta etc, there are so many other alternatives. And I’m talking more than the spiralized vegetable noodles. (zucchini, cucumber, squash) Also, they’re all gluten free!

There are:

– Kelp Noodles

– String Mushrooms 

– Shirataki Noodles (AKA Miracle Noodles)

– Sweet Potato Starch Vermicelli

– Buckwheat Vermicelli

– Acorn Noodles

– Bean Threads (AKA Cellophane Noodles)

– Soba (made from buckwheat as well)

You can even thinly slice squid and sautee it a bit to make it into a chewy texture to make noodles

Note: I’ve tried all of these before and definitely have my thoughts on them.


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