RV Avocado Lime Pie/Tart

IMG_1898 IMG_1901

Ever had a super ripe avocado that you know you got to get rid of, but you didn’t feel like just eating it plain? So then you proceeded to think, should I make guacamole? But then you realized you don’t even have chips to go with it? Also, you’re craving something sweet. So here’s a nice, easy, delicious remedy!

Some may call this a Key Lime Pie, but I disagree. Because first of all, I didn’t use limes, I used a lemon. Also, I didn’t add in any oils, refined sugars, or any other extra things. I wanted to keep it at the bare minimum/simple so that it’d be super easy to make while being super tasty at the same time!

I’ve also got the problem of eating too much if I make a whole pie (which I realized from that RV Cheesecake I made, so I made it like my Pie in a bowl recipe! Anyways, here’s the recipe: Click for some Creamy Goodness


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