Mushroom Pizza Bites mmm




I’m pretty sure everybody has craved pizza at one point in their lives. Unfortunately, pizza is not very healthy if consumed in large amounts and it just has so much sodium and enriched, refined flour etc.

So, here’s something that tastes like pizza bites, but tastes even better! It’s amazing!!! My friend and I made these today. We were both like “oh my gosh…amazing” and just devoured these bad boys~

Seriously, when I took my first bite into it, like (well first of all warning if you like a lot of sauce and decide to put in a generous amount, it will spill out) the sauce like gushed into my mouth (and onto my hands) and the cheese just added that savory warmth chewy texture. It was like a little piece of Heaven was in my mouth and there was a party in my mouth with all of the flavors going on. And that mushroom’s texture man just…you got to try it!

Click For the Recipe & More Mouthwatering Pictures~


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