Did You Know?: Yoga Ramble + Poses & Breathing

Who am I kidding, of course you know what Yoga is and  that it’s really relaxing and so much more. In fact it’s no secret that it’s a great work out as much as a relaxer and it’s more difficult than it looks.

People think it’s like some feminine exercise along with Pilates, but you’d be surprised at how many males I saw in the yoga class I went to today 😛 They were dang pro!

So yea I’ve been trying out some yoga classes with some friends of mine. Been giving it a shot. I’ve tried Pilates a few times and some other Yoga classes before, but these ones are definitely the best I’ve done so far in my life. Really brings out a sweat and it’s just awesome. Wish my college’s yoga classes were offense.

So yea, here’s a chart of some yoga poses that I feel like posting here for future reference for myself 🙂 A Beginner chart since it’s so much easier to look at. But uh yeah, liking yoga. Think it’s pretty dank and hope to continue it even if it’s at home!

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