Did You Know?: HIIT Workouts

So, I’ve always known about HIIT, but I guess it’s time I gave it a shot. I need to get off of my lazy, ravenous butt (in this case stomach) and actually work out instead of always thinking that I’ll do it later. I need to stop pushing it off. It’s summer, I need to stop running away from seeing people. Instead I should run it out. I wish I had an ipod at this point though (don’t know where mine is) so that I can have some form of entertainment while exercising…sigh…

I think I should put making food on hold because I’ve been eating way too much. No matter how “healthy” it is, over eating is never good…especially all of those fats from the nuts and coconut oil.

Day 1 – HIIT Running

In Day 1 we’re going for a pretty standard :30/1:30 split.  We’re shooting for 30-40 minutes of HIIT running today, which is 15-20 repetitions of the above combo.  Whether you’re running outside or on a treadmill, go HARD during your sprints and bring things down to a slow jog and really catch your breath.  After 8-10 reps, you’re going to need that rest time to make it through the sprints.

Day 2 – HIIT Jump Rope

A jump rope is a great tool that will help deliver fantastic results.  Even better, you can obtain one for less than $5.  Make the investment.  On Day 2 we’re going to be doing a boxer-esque workout.  A good starter split would be 1 minute straight jumping/30 seconds rest.  Your goal will eventually be 3 minutes jumping/30 second rest; just like a boxing round.  Shoot for 3 minutes to start, but work with what you can until your endurance progresses.  Go for 30-40 minutes total.

Day 3 – HIIT Cycling

Day 3 involves you getting on a stationary bike or road bike if you’ve got one.  With cycling, we’re hitting our body in a low impact manner, which results  in the ability to push the sprints a little longer.  Let’s shoot for a :45/1:15 split today.  You may need to bump the resistance during the sprint to fully allow you to max yourself out.  Shoot for 40-50 total minutes of HIIT cycling, which is 20-25 repetitions of the above combo.

Day 4 – HIIT Plyohiitcardio1 290x300

Day 4 we’re going to hit our body in a completely different way than we have so far.  We’re taking 2 different plyo circuits and repeating them 10 times each, for a total of 40 minutes of HIIT cardio.  Move from exercise to exercise, only resting when instructed.  Check out the combos below…

  1. 30 seconds Burpees/30 seconds Mountain Climbers/30 seconds Squat Jumps/30 seconds rest – repeat 10 times
  2. 30 seconds Turbo Lunges/30 seconds Line Jumps/30 seconds Boxer Kicks/30 seconds rest – repeat 10 times

Day 5 – HIIT Brick

Brick workouts are frequently performed by triathletes during their training.  Working out in this format has been a tried-and-true method to increase endurance and effectively tax your muscles.  We’ll be starting on the bike then transitioning to a run with little to no rest during the switch.  We’re shooting for 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes on the run, for a total of 1 hour.  On the bike, shoot for a :30/1:30 split. On the run, we’re going to go for 1 minute sprint/2 minutes slow jog.  Not everyone will be able to sprint for 1 full minute.  If you can’t just go as long as you can and ramp things up over time.

Credits to: http://blog.shareitfitness.com/2012/hiit-workout-plan/


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