Date-ing Fruit Smoothie

Get it? the Dates and the fruit are interacting with each other to the point of dating hehe

Okay, I know lame on the word play, but I sort of did my best hehe. If you guys have any better suggestions DEFINITELY feel free to let me know ^^

I ran out of bananas, but wanted to make a Berry smoothie. I have frozen mixed berries and personally, those can be pretty sour. I did not want to use any sugar, honey, agave nectar, or anything so I turned to dates! What’s so great about Dates is that they can easily replace any sweetener! That’s right, no refined sugars or additives!

Anyways, this was definitely a sweet, refreshing smoothie that I made for myself, mother (age of 60), and her student (a young girl). We all enjoyed this, so this is definitely a drink that is perfect for all ages~ Had this hydrating drink for breakfast after a HIIT workout hehe

Anyways here’s the recipe: Click Me! 😀


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