Did You Know?: Medicine & Diet’s Relationship?

2. “When Diet is Wrong, Medicine is of No Use. When Diet is Right, Medicine is of No Need.” -Ayurvedic Proverb

Now that is so true because you notice that the people who visit the hospital the most are usually those with a bad or worse-than-others diet. Now you might be thinking, what about those who were born with defects or diseases? Honestly, as I’m not a doctor or even in the medical field, I can’t really say; however, this is what I believe. I believe that either that yes, they may have been born with such, but in a way everybody was born with a handicap physical or not. If we have a healthy diet though, we can heal ourselves. Even if it may not physically show at first, we will feel it.

I remember hearing about a woman who had a brain tumor found and she went home and decided to eat organic, whole foods (fruits and vegetables) and she cut out red meat and ate little white meat. A few months later when she went back to the hospital, the doctor found that the brain tumor was gone!

So maybe that story is a bit too extreme and perhaps there were other factors. I have so many more stories and so much more to blog about, but I’ll keep it short for my future self to actually read this (hehe). So I ask, But what about the simple visible one where somebody who changes his/her diet to a healthier one has an improved skin complexion?


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