Hello! I currently have the blog: whimsicaldevotee.tumblr.com

I also have a blog that I use for pure entertainment : snohwhite.tumblr.com
I have recently been very interested in veganism – specifically raw veganism. I tried fruitarianism for a bit and now I’m progressing slowly to be a long term 80/10/10. For now though, I’m trying out vegan recipes including raw vegan recipes. I just love to experiment with food, eat it, and share with everybody else! I have so much enthusiasm concerning such things as health and food and yet it seems that my friends and family are more interested in eating what I create than hearing my thoughts on it.

Additionally, I come from a family of music, so I have grown up with it around me while learning how to play it and appreciate it. I may not be a music major like the rest of my family; however, I do want to keep up with my technical and musical skills. Hoping that this site will help me stay in touch with  my artistic side while sharing it at the same time.



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